Download and install B612

Download and install B612 – Iphone & Android

 B612 – Selfie From the Heart is one of the most popular Apps from the moment both Google Play Store and Apple’s AppStore. The award-winning Red Dot to the best App of the year 2015 continues to be updated to give a better service, and it is not for nothing that it is “The favorite App” for selfies. If you still don’t know this App, we invite you to install it and get to know because everyone is talking about B612.

What is B612 Selfie from the heart

B612 is the app for selfies in where you want to be taken. But not only that, B612 will allow you to take photos and videos, edit them, and finally share them with all your social networks. Then the details.

  • Selfie video capture . B612 you can record short clips and share them. Prepare a brief video of between 3 and 6 seconds and share them with your friends (function very similar to the popular Vine). Check your imagination, tells a brief story, or simply send kisses and greetings with this function. Additionally you can use your phone’s rear camera and record videos to share with your friends what today are enjoying: the coffee in the morning, in the mountain landscape, etc.
  • Filters and editing tools. What application today can come without filters? B612 not none, a couple of taps is missing and you can choose from dozens of filters. Where you feel undecided, the random filter option will decide for you what is the best filter for that picture. In addition to filters B612 offers other options such as:
  • Vignettes. Trim your images and add a black frame, so you can highlight the most important of your image.
  • Tilt-Shift. Add artistic blur and get your images something intriguing or emotional.
  • Collage. Create a collection of images and share the collage. You can also create three-dimensional images (3D), this is a unique feature only offered by B612.
  • Timer. You choose, take the photo in 2 seconds, 5 seconds, or you need to frame it, and all your friends.
  • Share. After you take your photos and videos, nothing like sharing them on your social networks. B612 has direct support for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, and many other social networks.


B612 Selfie from the heart is available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry

Download and install B612

Download and install B612

How to install B612 on Android

To install B612 Selfie from the heart on Android we have two options: via Google Play Store or by downloading the Apk file. B612 is compatible with the version (Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3).

-In the first case, simply access the playstore gone and browse B612. -Find the distinctive logo blue B612 and proceed to install the file. B612 is a secure application so we don’t have to worry about the security permissions.

-On the next screen accept the terms and conditions of use, and will approve the application permissions.

-Ready, that’s all you’ll need to install B612 through the playstore gone.

Sometimes Google Play Store you can give us any problems, or perhaps does not update automatically. In these cases we can use the APK files to install applications.

-The inspirational are often distribute directly, so we have to do a Google search with the words “APK B612” or “B612 App. There are dozens of sites that offer free APK files, downloaded the file on our computer:
-Now we transfer this file to our Android devices through a USB cable, Bluetooth, or any other method.

-Run the file and it will be installed automatically. It is likely to Play Store at this time to advise us that the software is a 3to person not approved and that it might not be safe.

It is important to know that the inspirational are not distributed by the same developers, and there is a small risk of installing unofficial software. To prevent risks always it is best to install using the Play Store. Only we recommend this option if you want to force an update of B612, or if you have knowledge of what you’re doing and got the APK from a secure source.

How to install B612 on iPhone

To install B612 on your iPhone or any other device iOS (7.0 or later including iPads and iPod Touchs). To install this App, we will do it through the App Store.

-Open the App Store (or failing that the Mac App Store).

-We seek by B612 and download it. This button is only available if your device (or one associated with your account) is supported.

-The App is installed and we can do the same in our other devices.

B612, like all your other applications, will be updated from time to time as updates are added to the App Store.

Last comment

This is all you need to know what is B612 and how to install it. This App is also available for some devices BlackBery and at the Microsoft Store. The way to install them is very similar to which they have here explained: just login to their respective online stores and find the application. We hope that this guide you have been of great help.