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B612 – Selfie Camera from the Heart

SelfieCamera B612

Selfies have without a doubt become a trend during the last few years, thus the development of new apps that help users take the best selfies possible. But even though there are many out there, the camera B612 has exceeded its expectations with over 100 million downloads and the Red Dot award for “The Best of the Best” in 2015.

The app is completely free and it was developed by LINE Corporation, famous for its instant-messaging app.

Download Selfie Camera

Download Selfie Camera

Selfie Camera B612 features

  • Selfie videos: there’s no reason to stick with pics when you can share with your friends a great moment, tap and hold the screen and record short videos.
  • Rear camera support: by swiping the screen from top to bottom it’ll change the camera it uses for the comfort and mobility required to take amazing pics.
  • Random filter: stop checking which filter suits you best for your pics, go wild and hit the random button! Once you’ve done it, you can mark your favorite randomized filters and it’ll also choose from those.
  • Vignette: darken the borders of your photos and make what matters –you, stand out. Each of these will be automatically adjusted to the filter of your choosing.
  • Tilt-shift: blur your photos to bring out the best of it; or conceal what you don’t want others to see.
  • Collage shot: create your own 3D pictures and show your friends and family all about your favorite days in a single photo.
  • Timer: choose how many seconds you want it to wait before shooting while you strike a pose!
  • Selfie stick: set your Bluetooth remote and enjoy an even more liberating photo-taking experience.
  • Share: post your pics and share them with your friends easily on Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram.

Getting Started

Throughout this very short, yet detailed guide, it’ll be explained how to download, install and use the Selfie Camera B612 app.

Download and install

The app is about 40mb and it doesn’t have compatibility issues with any current version of Smartphones or tablets.

How to use B612 Selfie Camera is very easy to get and it is available for both Android and iPhones, a simple search in Play Store or AppStore and a few clicks is all it takes.


Once you start the app, the screen will show you what the camera is pointing at and underneath the terms and conditions of use, it is advisable to read them for the wary and doubtful, for those who are careless, just hit the “back” button.

Now there are a few things you can do:

  • Take pictures: tap the screen once, just make sure you aren’t pressing any of the options available to you in the lower side of the screen.
  • Record short videos: keep your finger on the screen, on the upper side of it you’ll see a bar filling up, that’s the movie being recorded.
  • Change filters: swipe to the sides of the screen to go through all the filters available to you.
  • Change camera: swipe up and down to change to the front and back cameras of your phone.
Selfie Camera Download

Selfie Camera Download

By pressing the arrow button right on top of the menu, you’ll find additional tools to help you make your photos or videos even more remarkable, some of these features are timer and brightness adjustments, among many others.

By swiping from the menu upwards, a new menu will pop up, revealing audiovisual, recording duration, vibration, information regarding the place it was taken, auto saving and much more.

Once you’ve gotten yourself used to the basic functions of the app, you can start experimenting on its more advanced features located in the menu bar.

The first option to the left allows you to apply filters to already taken images found in your phone. It offers three options:

  • Scrolling filters one by one. Note: by keeping the button pressed it’ll mark it as a favorite
  • Hitting the left button for the app to choose a filter randomly.
  • Scrolling left or right the bar on top of the previously mentioned options to choose the percentage of your selected filter.

The second option allows you to take several shots in succession to create a whole photo, putting at your disposal the regular 3:4, 2, 4, and 9 successive photos, also allowing you to take square, round, or triangular shapes, there are many types just waiting for you to explore and have fun with!

The button in the center changes filters randomly before taking the picture. It is fairly straight-forward, yet very useful, and it can detect which are your favorite filters and apply them first.

The fourth option in the main screen allows you to swap filters before taking the picture, and the fifth will make the menu that has the audiovisual, recording duration and many other options appear.

Users comments

Although there are mixed feelings about the app, it has had very good reception overall. While some users like Teja Srinu and Samantha Leigh van Antwerpen say “Wonderful photos with this app… this app looks great on my phone camera” and “I really love this selfie app its really great and id recommend it to everybody to download. Has 100 filters I’d guess and its amazing!” respectively. Others complain about the similitudes of the filters or bugs using the app. Nevertheless, Selfie Camera B612 has a 4.3 score in Play Store and 4.5 in AppStore.

Download camera B612 android

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